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Incubation experiment, nutrient use efficiency and total N recovery in ryegrass and white clover systems

Nutrient fluxes in soil plant systems, by BrynerS, HattF, WeberV Introduction Nitrogen is often the most limiting nutrient in organic cropping systems where no synthetic mineral N fertilizers are applied and where total N inputs are usually lower than in conventional systems (Oberson et al. 2007). There are several possibilities to improve N supply in [...]

June 30th, 2008
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Linkage Disequilibrium

Linkage Certain genes tend to be inherited together. This violates Mendels posutlate of independent assortment of genes.  The number of linkage groups corresponds to the haploid number of chromosomes. No linkage Alleles should be randomly distributed because the alleles are exchange by crossing over which conserved diversity. Linkage Linkage genes are genes that are found [...]

June 14th, 2008
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Benefits of Azolla in lowland rice (Oryza sativa) cropping systems concerning N losses and fertilization

F. Hatt, V. Weber (2008) Azolla, a free-floating aquatic fern having symbiotic association with the N2 fixing cyanobacterial symbiont Anabaena Azollae can fix 30-60 kg N/ha in 30 days. It is either incorporated as green manure at the beginning of the cropping season or grown as a dual crop along with rice, in the standing [...]

June 14th, 2008
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